Do you have any questions about ZapankiSwap?
  • What price feed do you use for "ZapankiSwap"?
    • Price Feeds for BTC/USDT utilize chainlink technology, the most widely used platform providing blockchain oracles. This makes a tamper-proof, 100% transparent and fair protocol.
  • What is the ZapankiSwap prediction contract address?
    • Contract Address :
  • Is there a time limit to claiming the prize?
    • No, winners can claim their prizes in real time at any time.
  • What is the interval between each round?
    • Each round is played every 4 minutes and 30 seconds. Predictions for the next round can be predicted up to 10 seconds before the start of the next round.
  • Is there a limit on the minimum forecast amount?
    • The minimum amount to participate in the minimum bet varies by participation token, but will be in the level of 1$. Any policy changes due to future market price fluctuations will be notified to the community in advance.
  • How are winnings calculated?
    • Payout ratio of UP pool = Total value of both pools ÷ Value of UP pool
    • Payout ratio of DOWN pool = Total value of both pools ÷ Value of DOWN pool
    • For example, if there is 15 ZAP on the down side of a round and the total prize pool is 150 ZAP, the down payout ratio is (150/15)=10x.
    • Payout Amount = Payout Ratio × Position × (1 - Treasury Pool Fee)
    • In the above case, if the round ends with a DOWN result, committing 2 ZAP to the DOWN position will result in a payout of (2*10) × (1-0.033) = 19.34 ZAP. Your profit is 17.34 ZAP (19 - 2).
    • Currently, the Treasury fee is set at 3.3%. This is subject to change and will be announced via ZapankiSwap's official community channel.
  • How much is the fee?
    • 3.3% of the total pot in each round goes to the Treasury Pool. You can check the usage history of the Treasure Pool at Zapanki Treasure Pool.
  • Round results changed after the round ended! why?
    • Occasionally, after a round is over, the final result may differ from the last result displayed while the round is in progress. If you look at the end of a round on "DOWN", it may appear to flip to "UP" after a few seconds.
    • Currently the ZapankiSwap oracle refreshes every 10 seconds. During this short period, the oracle can send updates while the transaction is being issued which triggers the next round. This may appear to "reverse" the results of the previous round.
  • What if no one is on the other side?
    • If a position is entered in only one side of the round, the side in which the position is entered is in the interest, and the lost funds are sent to the Treasury Pool. Example: User A enters the “Up” position and no one else enters the “Down” position. User A loses and has no opposing position for which the prize will be paid. Funds are sent to the Treasury Pool.
  • What if the starting price and the ending price are exactly the same?
    • In very rare cases where the starting price is exactly the same as the last price, no one wins and all funds entered into the position are used to buyback and burn $ZAP.
  • Can I change or delete my position?
    • no. Once entered, positions cannot be changed, added or removed. Once you enter the position, it will be locked, so make sure you are 100% satisfied.
  • What does it mean when the market is paused?
    • The market pauses when conditions affect the reliability of the contract. A market pause means that no bets will be placed on any rounds.
  • When will a paused market resume?
    • Markets can be manually resumed by the manager or automatically resumed.