STEP 1: Lose to Earn (L2E)

ZapankiSwap is implemented to benefit users who have failed to predict the ZapankiSwap in order to induce continued participation of users participating in the ecosystem.

A portion of the bet amount is paid to users who unfortunately failed in their bets with $ZAP, the ZapankiSwap's own coin, as a reward.

Preempt $ZAP tokens!

L2E (Lose to Earn) Details

  • If your bet is unsuccessful, you will receive $ZAP tokens from about 5% ~ 100% of the number of tokens bets are unsuccessful.

  • Depending on the participating coins $USDT or $ZAP wagered, the amount of $ZAP reward may vary.

  • It is paid in real time, but some errors may occur in unexpected situations.

  • Payment may be suspended due to unforeseen circumstances.

  • L2E is distributed according to the chain on which users bet. For example, users who bet with Polygon will receive $ZAP from Polygon Chain, and users who bet with Arbitrum Chain will receive $ZAP from Arbitrum.

  • For L2E, it is calculated as the total gain or loss of the bet.

    • For example, in the case of multibets, if the total amount is a gain, there is no L2E, and if the total amount is a loss, L2E is paid according to the loss amount.

L2E Distribution

The total supply distributed to L2E is 2,000,000,000 $ZAP tokens. Additionally, the ratio of L2E tokens will gradually decrease through half-life. The L2E half-life and rates are as follows:

HalvingL2E SupplyL2E ratio




First Halving



Second Halving



Third Halving



How to Claim

Users do not need to take any additional actions. Transactions are automatically distributed according to the bets placed.

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