Welcome to ZapankiSwap.
ZapankiSwap (Vending Machine Swap) is a decentralized multi-platform where you can enjoy games, investments, and rewards easily and conveniently. Version 1.0 brings a 100% smart contract game that anyone can participate in.
You can play blockchain games that can be enjoyed by all nationalities and all ages and be rewarded with cryptocurrency.
All game participation is possible with crypto wallet. As the roadmap progresses, you will be able to participate in the Zapanki ecosystem with more diverse games, easily understand and enjoy the blockchain, and your daily life will be new.
Until now, blockchain has not focused on helping the average consumer understand what blockchain is, what DeFi is, why it matters, and how the technology behind it works.
Inspired by the word “ZAPANKI (vending machine)” that comes out at the push of a button, we enable people of all ages to engage with our content without understanding blockchain.
  • A consumer-oriented approach to blockchain technology and a seamless user experience
  • A sustainable revenue-based model with a solid financial foundation design
  • Provides various games, DeFi, and Toknomics services
At a more technical level, we plan to continue the innovations occurring within blockchain services through real-world experimentation and application of digital collectibles and arcade and token mechanisms. At the consumer-facing level, customers are not, and will never be, burdened by the complexity of blockchain. Just Do It. 👊
As the project progresses, our team hopes to expand the public's understanding of the technology and potential applications by implementing practical uses of blockchain technology in games and entertainment, along with an educational element. 🙏
ZapankiSwap's protocol is still considered beta. The protocol may be changed in the future to further improve each game. As always, the ZapankiSwap team will notify you of any changes that will affect how the product works. In addition to the games listed on the page, more games are being added.

Our vision

ZapankiSwap makes it easy and convenient to enjoy games, investments and rewards built on the Polygon blockchain. By participating in ZapankiSwap, you can join the ecosystem simply by meeting, playing and having fun with everyone.
ZapankiSwap is a participant-centric protocol that allows participants to participate in their favorite games and get results. In the process, you can collect and own digital assets for performance, time, and invested assets, and freely trade them on the Polygon chain.
This will be our first goal for our team to build ZapankiSwap. But most importantly, the game should be easy to participate and fun, and participants should not hesitate to use the tokens. We aim for this.

Easy and simple blockchain

The main mechanisms of ZapankiSwap are linked to operations related to cryptocurrencies, blockchains and smart contracts. In doing so, complex concepts are normalized and users have basic flexibility in their skills.
However, since blockchain is still an emerging technology, there are many hurdles when it comes to user onboarding. With this in mind, we are planning a step-by-step expansion with the early participants of ZapankiSwap, starting with an arcade game that is easy to engage and lightweight, and then goes up to a slightly heavier and more difficult platform.

Attractive character design

ZapankiSwap Art Direction is designed to be very accessible to consumers.
The ZapankiSwap marketing plan also leverages influencers from various communities to collaborate with custom art designs. This is another opportunity to expand the community and introduce ZapankiSwap to new users. It also creates long-term content marketing touchpoints associated with each ZapankiSwap collaboration, launch and discovery.

Sustainable revenue model

ZapankiSwap operates on a sustainable revenue model. ZapankiSwap plans to build a model in which the token economy can be circulated and quickly transition to a deflation model in the future by releasing a light and attractive game that users can participate in.

DeFi and multi-chain support

ZapankiSwap aims to be an all-in-one multi-platform that allows easy participation in the Polygon-based DeFi ecosystem. Anyone interested in blockchain technology, as well as tech-savvy people, can make their blockchain journey seamless. It also supports multi-chain, targeting ZapankiSwap scalability. Please look forward to what chains will expand.

Community Revenue Sharing

We offer the community that owns and shares ZapankiSwap's own token, $ZAP, an opportunity to mine platform fees.
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