Welcome to ZapankiSwap.

ZapankiSwap (Vending Machine Swap) is a revolutionary decentralized multi-platform that offers a user-friendly experience to enjoy games, investments, and rewards. In Milestone 1, we bring a 100% smart contract game that is open for everyone to participate in and enjoy.

With ZapankiSwap, you can now play blockchain games that are designed for players of all ages and nationalities, and earn rewards in cryptocurrency. All you need is a Web3 wallet to participate in our games.

Our roadmap includes more diverse games that will make it even easier for you to understand and enjoy blockchain technology in your daily life. Unlike other blockchain platforms, ZapankiSwap is designed to help the average consumer understand the importance of blockchain and DeFi, and how the technology works behind it.

Inspired by the simplicity of a vending machine, we strive to make blockchain accessible to all, regardless of their knowledge of the technology. Join us today and experience the future of decentralized gaming and investments!

  • A consumer-oriented approach to blockchain technology and a seamless user experience

  • A sustainable revenue-based model with a solid financial foundation design

  • Provides various games and DeFi services

We strive to drive innovation within the blockchain industry through real-world experimentation and application of digital collectibles, arcade and token mechanisms, while ensuring that our consumer-facing approach prioritizes a seamless and uncomplicated user experience, so that anyone can participate in our ecosystem without feeling overwhelmed by blockchain technology. Let's do it. 👊

As the ZapankiSwap project advances, our team is committed to promoting public understanding of blockchain technology and its potential applications by introducing practical use cases of blockchain technology in games and entertainment, as well as incorporating educational components. Our aim is to demystify blockchain technology and make it more accessible to a wider audience. 🙏

ZapankiSwap's protocol is still considered beta. The protocol may be changed in the future to further improve each game. As always, the ZapankiSwap team will notify you of any changes that will affect how the product works. In addition to the games listed on the page, more games are being added.

Our vision

ZapankiSwap offers a user-friendly platform where you can seamlessly participate in games, investments, and rewards built on Multi-chain. Our ecosystem prioritizes the interests of participants, enabling them to engage in their favorite games and earn valuable digital assets that can be freely traded on multiple chains.

Our primary objective is to create a platform that is both enjoyable and accessible, where users can feel at ease using tokens to participate in our ecosystem. As we continue to grow, we aim to expand our offerings by introducing innovative games and educational content that will further enhance users' understanding of blockchain technology.

Easy and simple blockchain

ZapankiSwap's core mechanisms are centered around cryptocurrency operations, blockchain technology, and smart contracts. Through this approach, we aim to demystify complex concepts and provide users with a basic level of flexibility in their skills.

Nevertheless, blockchain technology is still in its nascent stages, and user onboarding remains a challenge. Therefore, we plan to gradually expand our user base, beginning with an easy-to-engage arcade game and progressing to a more challenging platform, with the help of our early ZapankiSwap participants.

Attractive character design

ZapankiSwap's art direction has been intentionally created to be highly approachable for consumers. Furthermore, our marketing strategy incorporates collaborations with influencers from diverse communities, who work with custom art designs. This presents yet another opportunity to expand our community and introduce ZapankiSwap to a wider audience. These partnerships also help establish long-term content marketing connections tied to each collaboration, launch, and discovery.

Sustainable revenue model

ZapankiSwap is founded on a sustainable revenue model that focuses on building a token economy that can circulate efficiently, and transition to a deflationary model in the future. This is achieved through the release of lightweight and attractive games that users can easily participate in, ensuring a smooth transition and longevity of the ecosystem.

DeFi and multi-chain support

ZapankiSwap strives to be a comprehensive multi-platform that offers effortless entry into the multichain DeFi ecosystem, catering to both blockchain enthusiasts and tech-savvy individuals, ultimately streamlining their blockchain journey.

Community Revenue Sharing

We offer the community that owns and shares ZapankiSwap's own token, $ZAP, an opportunity to mine platform fees.

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