The game involves winning when a number falls within the selected range.

"Range" is a game where players bet on the outcome of a randomly generated decimal between 0 and 100. Players bet on whether the generated number will fall within or outside the chosen range. The range provides players with flexibility to adjust the probability of winning.

The output is always a decimal between 0 and 100.

The winning probability (P) is given as follows:

P = {N/100 (if rolling under N), 100-N/100 (if rolling over N}

The house edge is 2% within the range. Therefore, the payout multiplier for a win is as follows:

Payout Multiplier = {98/N (if rolling under N, 98/100-N (if rolling over N}

For example, if a player selects the range [0, 50], the payout multiplier will be x1.96.

As players can precisely control the probability on the Range, they can adjust the risk they are willing to take.

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