Zapanki Lottery is a simple game where you buy a lottery ticket and guess 6 digits. However, playing simple games can yield huge rewards. You can participate as many times as you want with just $MATIC and $USDT or $ZAP, which is easy, fair, and you can buy tickets. Ticket prices are $MATIC and $USDT or $ZAP equivalent to $1.
Lottery tickets are available for purchase at the start of a new round, and each lottery has a total of 6 lottery balls from 0 to 9. To win, you must match the numbers drawn from left to right in the same order as the lottery balls. Lottery ticket. Even if you match only the first number, you will be rewarded. You have to match more numbers to get a bigger share of the prize pool.
When the round is over and a matching lottery ticket is decided, rewards are awarded. The winning amount for each ticket depends on the number of other tickets won in the same prize pool.
Zapanki lottery initially has a one-day lottery game that can be participated in with $USDT.
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