Community Engagement Program

Contribute to the ZapankiSwap community!

We are launching the ZapankiSwap Community Incentive Program. This is your chance to earn $ZAP by contributing to the community.
Anyone can participate in the ZapankiSwap community program, contribute to the community and earn $ZAP rewards first.
What is $ZAP token? The $ZAP token is the core of the ZapankiSwap ecosystem and will be used in various places depending on protocol participation, staking, DeFi, NFT and protocol expansion within the platform.
How does the community program work? You can earn ZAP tokens by showing that you are a great community member both on-chain and on Discord.
Each month, the ZapankiSwap team reviews and pays out contributions that qualify for $ZAP. From translations to guides and community management and more, there is no small contribution as far as supporting the network. The main place to learn from each other through the ZapankiSwap moderator program is the ZapankiSwap Discord channel.
The ZapankiSwap community program runs through 2022, passing milestones such as release rollout and public launch in 4Q.
  • On going  — ZapankiSwap Community program
  • 4Q — Launch ZapankiSwap, Lockdrop, Staking, any other Reward events
The main purpose of the initial phase of the ZapankiSwap community program is to build ZapankiSwap, which will allow $MATIC holders to participate in ZapankiSwap to earn $ZAP, and also to inform users around the world of the vending machine swap project.
How to participate and what should I do?
To participate in the ZapankiSwap community program, join the ZapankiSwap Discord and let us know what you have accomplished for the vending machine swap by opening a 🎫 ticket.
The ZapankiSwap team will also rate each month the contributions they believe add the most value to the network. For now, we have a few ideas to get you started.
  • A document for everyone. Help more people join ZapankiSwap!
  • Bug and Security Reports
  • Suggestions for improvement
  • Translate documents and websites
  • Member monitoring and feedback
  • Community Influx and Management
  • Each country hosts its own events.
  • Assignment of ZAP tokens after discussion with us
  • Encourage participation in the main event
  • Introduction of influencers and partners from each country
The best way to get involved is to join the ZapankiSwap Discord,
Let's create a ZapankiSwap community program!