Bug bounty

Contribute to the ZapankiSwap community!
In addition to its own and external audits, ZapankiSwap offers a bug bounty program to community members to find and remediate vulnerabilities. We take security as one of our most important factors, so we will reward anyone who finds a serious vulnerability.

What does the bug bounty program cover?

This program covers everything related to on-chain smart contracts as well as web frontends and ZapankiSwap. However, we recommend that you contact us at [email protected] or Ticket in Discord for these issues. We will always reward you accordingly.

What can you gain if you discover a vulnerability?

We believe that serious vulnerabilities should be compensated accordingly. The exact details of the payment can be found below.
  • Provide information
  • low risk
  • medium risk
  • high risk
  • critical vulnerability
Payments are made in $ZAP after we have successfully worked with our team to identify vulnerabilities and fix issues.

What if I find a vulnerability?

Whenever you discover a vulnerability, please contact us at [email protected] with a clear analysis of the vulnerability and how you can be contacted.