Bet Detail


Before playing the game, players should make sure to check the amount and fees. They can place bets on games by connecting their Web3 wallet. There's no need for a separate signup, deposit, or withdrawal process. The Web3 wallet directly interacts with the game contract. Bets are sent to the game contract, and payouts are directly paid from the bankroll.

Kelly Bankroll's Max Bet:

The maximum bet a player can make is determined by the renowned Kelly Criterion formula, which is used to determine the optimal size of a bet. The Kelly Formula factors in the odds and multipliers of a game. By utilizing the Kelly ratio and the value of your bankroll, you can calculate your ideal Kelly bet. The Kelly Bet represents the highest amount that a player can wager on a game. This feature enables you to automatically adjust your maximum bet, thus preventing the depletion of your bankroll. For further guidance on employing the Kelly Criterion, please refer to the Kelly-Based Risk Management page.

Multi Bet Feature:

With the introduction of VRF (Verifiable Random Function), you now have the ability to include multiple bets, also known as multi bets. In a single transaction, players can place numerous bets, with certain games allowing up to 100 bets at present. Within the VRF system, the game contract initiates a random value that corresponds to the requested bet amount, as outlined in Chainlink's documentation on RNG (Random Number Generation). By taking advantage of this functionality, players can streamline their experience, saving both transaction fees and time, since wallet verification is only required once.

Stop Gain and Stop Loss Functionality:

In Multibet, players have the option to incorporate Stop Gains, Stop Loss, or both. The game concludes as soon as the specified stop limit is reached. Players are only charged for the number of games played, even including those that have met the predetermined setting.
For instance, let's consider an example: a player purchases 10 bets and sets a stop gain of 20. After participating in 4 games, the player achieves a profit of 20. The betting process halts when the stop gain of 20 is attained. As a result, players are only billed for the 4 games played, while the remaining 6 games are not engaged.

Pending VRF Requests:

Players can locate their "Pending VRF Requests" on their profile page. In exceptionally rare circumstances, VRF requests may remain unresolved, resulting in players' bets being held in the game contract. However, after a duration of approximately 100 to 200 blocks, players have the option to click on "Refund" to eliminate the bet from the game contract.
It's important to note that a player's funds are never in jeopardy. In the event of a failed VRF request or if the funds cannot be disbursed, the transaction will be reversed, or the bet will remain trapped within the game contract. In such cases, players can utilize the refund function available on their profile page under "Pending VRF Requests" to remove their bets.