Zapanki Treasure Pool

ZapankiSwap operates the ecosystem by operating a transparent treasury pool.
Dear ZapankiSwap community, we fund initiatives to maintain and grow the ZapankiSwap ecosystem.
We dedicate 100% of the fees generated on the platform to the Treasure Pool to develop programs that fund communities, NFTs, memes, rewards, referrals, events, influencers, deposits, marketing and other projects.
In the future, the ZapankiSwap team will introduce a governance system to manage the treasure pool.
Community Vaults can hold ZapankiSwap tokens, $ZAP, to decide whether to use them for grants, new liquidity staking pools, or other programs.
Treasure Pool will be used as follows.

1. Burn $ZAP (10%)

  • $ZAP Buyback and Burn

2. Liquidity Mining (30%)

  • Benefits for $ZAP Token Liquidity Lokers
3. KOL Program (25%)
  • Group Trading Competition
  • Group Airdrop events
  • KOL Exclusive Benefits

4. Development Fund (35%)

  • ZapankiSwap Development Funding
  • Additional game development and marketing, operating funds