Loose to Earn (L2E)

ZapankiSwap is implemented to benefit users who have failed to predict the vending machine in order to induce continued participation of users participating in the ecosystem.
A portion of the bet amount is paid to users who unfortunately failed in their bets with $ZAP, the vending machine swap's own coin, as a reward.

L2E (Loose to Earn) Details

  • If your bet is unsuccessful, you will receive $ZAP tokens from 5% to 20% of the number of tokens bets are unsuccessful.
  • Depending on the participating coins ($MATIC, $ETH, $USDT or $ZAP) wagered, the amount of $ZAP reward may vary.
  • It is paid in real time, but some errors may occur in unexpected situations.
  • The percentage (%) of $ZAP paid in L2E will be updated on a weekly basis.
  • Payment may be suspended due to unforeseen circumstances.

How to Claim L2E Rewards

To claim your L2E reward, click the "R" button located on the left side of the "Histoy" tab on the Zapanki Prediction main screen.
If you click the "R" button, you will see the amount of $ZAP tokens that can be claimed according to the trading volume and the total amount of $ZAP received so far.
Click the "CLAIM" button to receive $ZAP and you're done!!
Last modified 1d ago