How to use Zapanki Prediction

Connect Wallet

As with all Web3 projects, a wallet connection is essential to participate in ZapankiSwap prediction. You can connect your wallet by clicking "Connect Wallet" in the upper right corner and selecting the wallet you want.
If you do not have your own wallet, download and use the Metamask wallet.
Metamask download : Link

Choosing Participation Tokens

ZapankiSwap allows all players to participate in betting with different tokens. If you want to convert which token will participate in your betting, click on the token in the upper left corner to convert.
Currently, participation is only possible with $USDT tokens. We plan to expand the tokens that can participate in predictions sequentially.

Next Round Prediction

Predictions for BTC/USDT are at 4:30 second intervals. Make your predictions before the round starts.

Timer check

To participate in a prediction round, you need to see how much time is left in the current round. You can check the remaining time on the timer in the middle.
Prediction can be difficult if the timer is too low, so make sure you have plenty of time left before making a prediction. You can participate in the predictions up to 10 seconds before the closing time.

Next Round Prediction

Check the time and make your predictions for the next round.
In the screen below you can see a blue “UP” button and a red “DOWN” button. Click UP to predict a price increase for the next round, or DOWN to predict a price decrease for the next round.
You can check the entire reward pool and each multiplier before participating in the round. Multipliers and prize pools are displayed in real time based on people's predictions.
If you click UP or DOWN, you can participate in the prediction by confirming the desired $USDT as shown below. In the Amount field below, enter the number of tokens you want to commit to betting for that round. Alternatively, you can participate by using the slider below or clicking the percent button.
When you've decided on the amount to commit, click Confirm the action in your wallet. When the transaction is confirmed, the selected position and the amount that participated in the prediction will be exposed under the Zapanki(Vending machine).
Now there is nothing to do, just wait for the prediction round to start.

Round progress

You can view price updates for 4:30 seconds if you like.
Participating predictions cannot be changed while the round is in progress. Therefore, please make your decision carefully. The entered round will end when the entered round time (4:30 seconds) has elapsed. Everything is automatic, so you don't have to do anything to end the round.

View Results

At the end of 4:30, the "LIVE" section changes to "Calculating". Calculating the result will take a while.
After a while, the completed rounds will move to the left and say "Expired". Round results are displayed in blue for UP and red for DOWN.

View results for previous rounds

If you missed the results because you were busy, you can click the "History button" on the right to check the details of the results of the rounds you participated in.
When the "History" panel opens, by default the most recent rounds are displayed at the top of the list, allowing you to view detailed information about the rounds.

Prize collection

If you win the entered round, the Get Rewards button will appear. Click the button. A new window will appear showing the amount of prizes that can be won with the OK button. Click the button and confirm the action in your wallet.
Token winnings are sent to your wallet in real time.
Winning prizes are displayed in rounds, and if you forget to claim prizes from previous rounds, you can always claim all prizes from the “History” tab.

View historical P&L data

You can view PNL (Profit and Loss) data whenever you want to see the overall performance of your forecasts.
On the Forecasts page, click the History icon The "History" panel opens. Click the PNL tab in the History panel.
A tab opens with statistics on the past performance of the prediction, including Net Results, Average Earnings, Best Rounds, and other information. You can view the transaction in the Polygonscan explorer by clicking the View Transaction button at the bottom of the PNL tab.
That's all there is to using Prediction. good luck. 🤞
Frequently asked questions can be found in Frequently Asked Questions.